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Reporting Tournament Results

Members of the Ohio Bass Federation, Ohio B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, or other bass organizations are welcome to record tournament results in the Division of Wildlife Bass Tournament database. Reporting this information helps the Division manage bass fisheries throughout Ohio.

Security/Password Protection – Access to enter or view a club’s records is password protected. Only one password will be given to the tournament director or designee for each club. Club specific information is only accessible to the club. If you do not have a password or have forgotten your password, please contact Ethan Simmons (ethan.simmons@dnr.state.oh.us).

Recording Information at the Weigh-In – Please use the new DOW tournament form for recording tournament results at the club weigh-in beginning May 19, 2006. Recording tournament results on this form will speed up entering information on-line and help ensure completeness of information reported. 

Paper Submittal of Weigh-In Forms – If at all possible please submit your results on line. On-line reporting saves mail in costs and reduces time to process the data. However, if a club wishes to submit their tournament results by mail, they may send them to Fisheries Biologist Ethan Simmons (see contact information at the entry login page).

Updating or Correcting Results - Once tournament information has been reported and you click “enter” the records can only be edited by the Division of Wildlife. Please contact Fisheries Biologist Ethan Simmons (ethan.simmons@dnr.state.oh.us) to update or correct information.

Deadline for Entry - Results must be entered on-line by December 1 of each year to be included in the annual summaries. Results submitted in paper form must be received by November 15 of each year to be included in the annual summaries.

Statewide Results Summary - Summaries of all statewide results will be provided by the Division of Wildlife by February 1 following each tournament season.