Online Boat Registration Renewal
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get a PIN (Personal Identification Number)?
    Your PIN arrives in the mail, printed on your renewal notice. Renewal notices are mailed in batches throughout January. If you cannot locate your renewal notice, contact us. Include your name and boat's OH number with any correspondence.

    We will determine if a valid PIN exists for your boat and give you the information over the phone or via email.

  • How can I tell if my transaction went through?
    You should receive a "Thank You!" screen showing a confirmation number, telling you that the transaction was successful. You then should receive an email confirming the transaction. If your browser "hangs" after submitting your payment information, DO NOT use the "Back" button to try again. Call or email us with your name and boat number, and we will look up the transaction to verify it.

  • Why didn't I get an email confirmation?
    In most cases the email confirmation comes very soon after submitting your payment. It is possible that you mistyped your email address, or a server was down for maintenance, Internet traffic was busy, or any other number of reasons. Some SPAM filters will block any email generated by an Internet transaction, so check the SPAM settings on your email account.

    If you received a "Thank You!" screen listing an order number but did not get a confirmation email within 24 hours, call or email us with your name, boat number, and order number. We can look through our "bounced" email for one that belongs to you.

    If you did not receive the "Thank You!" screen OR the confirmation email, DO NOT use the "Back" button to try again. Call or email us with your name and boat number, and we will look up the transaction to verify it.

  • I thought my transaction went through, but I haven't received my decals in the mail yet.
    If you received a confirmation web page and a confirmation email, you should confirm with your credit card company that the payment went through. If your account has been charged and it has been more than 15 days since you renewed online, contact us so we can resolve the situation. We'll need your name and boat number. If you wait more than 30 days to contact us about missing decals, you will have to purchase a duplicate set of decals/registration card.

  • I renewed online two weeks ago. I got my decals, but where is my registration?
    Your decals should have come with or attached to a folded piece of paper that had a wallet-size plastic card attached to it. That card is the "registration certificate."

Contact Us

Ohio DNR Parks & Watercraft
Registration Renewal

1-877-4BOATER (1-877-426-2837) toll-free in Ohio only


Include your name and boat's OH number as well as your name and a daytime phone number.