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Floodplain Program

Ohio Revised Code
Section# Topic
1506.04 Community NFIP
1509.39 Health and Safety
1517.17 Natural Areas & Preserves' consideration of floodplains
1521.01 Definitions
1521.02 Division of Water
1521.03 Powers and Duties
1521.07 Right of Entry
1521.13 Flood Management Activities
1521.14 Action to Enforce NFIP Standards
1521.18 Flood Insurance
3747.12 Radioactive waste exclusion

Ohio Administrative Code
Chapter# Topic
1501:22-1 Coastal Floodplain
01 to 08

Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission
OAC Related to Siting Manufactured
Homes in Flood Hazard Areas
4781-6 Installation Standards
4781-7 Inspections

Ohio Department of Health
OAC Related to Water Wells
3701-28-10 Private water systems
3701-28-21 Variance from
provisions of
this chapter

Ohio Environmental Protection
OAC Related to Water Wells
3745-9-04 Well siting
3745-9-05 Well construction

Ohio Department of Agriculture OAC
Related to Floodplains & Water Wells
901:10-2-02 Feed lot