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Canal Program

Ohio Revised Code
1520.01 Definitions
1520.02 Administrative
1520.03 Water
Sales/Diversions and
Real Estate Sales
1520.04 Lease Authority
1520.05 Canal Lands Funds
1520.06 Indiana Canal Land
1520.07 Timber and
Spoils Sales
1521.07 Right of Entry for Division of Water Employees
1521.08 Division of Water Authority to Administer the Canals
1520.99 Penalty

Ohio Administrative Code
Chapter# Topic
1501-7-01 Definition of terms
1501-7-02 Severability
1501-7-03 General provisions
1501-7-04 Classes of water use
1501-7-05 Lease and sale
1501-7-06 Emergency water use
1501-7-07 Actions of the director