How to Request a Custom Off-line Search for
Well Logs and Sealing Reports


Please gather as much of the below information as
possible about the well or wells you are interested in.

 1. County the well is located in.
 2. Township the well is located in
 3. Street address where well is located
 4. Nearest intersection to the well
 5. Original property owners name
    Name of owner at time well was drilled
 6. Approximate year the well was drilled
 7. Name of the drilling contractor for the well

Attention consulting firms:
If requesting area searches click here for special instructions.

Other information that may help us locate your well log(s).

Names of the previous owners of the property
Other names that might occur on the well log
Subdivision name and lot number

Once the above data has been collected
please submit your request by any method below.
Be sure to specify which type(s) of records (well log or sealing report)
you are interested in for the locations given.

By phone: (614) 265-6740

By fax: (614) 265-6767

By e-Mail:

By mail: Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Division of Water
Water Resources Section

If a log is not within our files at the Division of Water it may be present at your local County Health Department office.

Information necessary for consulting firms
to obtain well log information for an area.

NOTE: Well log requests from Environmental Consulting Firms are accepted by mail or fax only.

Information necessary for consulting firm area well log searches:

  1. County and township containing the site
    (ex. Franklin County, Marion Township)
  2. A portion of a 7.5 minute topographic map
    with the site clearly labeled
  3. Radius of area search (up to one mile)
  4. Return address and phone number

Only water well logs that have been field located on our topographic maps and fall within your search area will be sent. The matching records will be sent to the return address you provided. There may be more well logs on file for your search area that have not been located on our maps. Searches of unlocated well logs, or search radii greater than one mile, must be done on-site by the requestor. Our office hours are 7:30 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Monday-Friday.

All requests are completed in the order they are received. After the search is completed, you will be notified of the copying charges which must be prepaid before your order will be mailed. We accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard or check.

Fax: (614) 265-6767

By mail: Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Division of Water
Water Resources Section