Detailed Instructions and Background Information
Helpful in Searching On-line Water Well Records 

     The Division of Water (DOW) currently maintains over 725,000 water well records that have been filed with the state since 1945. Each well log is a legal document filed by water well drilling contractors and maintained by the DOW under Ohio Revised Code Section 1521.05. Each water well log has a unique identification number. This number appears in the upper right hand corner of the paper document and may be used to directly retrieve a water well log record from this site. To do this now, enter the water well log number in the "Enter ODNR Well Log Number" field located above on this page.

     If you do not know the well log number, a search by county and township or road can be conducted. Water well records are filed by county and political township. City corporate limits are ignored and the original boundaries established for each county are used. Select and submit a county name from the pull down list called <Select County>. After submitting the County Name you will be presented with a new page. On the new page select a township name from the pull down list called <Select Township> and click the submit button, OR you may select the first letter or number of the street name at the bottom of the page.

     Please follow the directions for each screen. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at or call the technical services section at: 614-265-6740