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The Muskie Angler Log is an online fishing database designed by Ohio Division of Wildlife, in partnership with Ohio muskie anglers, to be a user friendly way for Ohio muskie anglers to record and manage information about their muskie fishing trips and catches. The Muskie Angler Log allows Ohio muskie anglers to conveniently add, search, and edit information about their muskie fishing trips and catches. It also allows muskie anglers to summarize their trip and catch information, find information on muskie fishing in Ohio, share muskie photos, see catch totals from across the state, and more… The Muskie Angler Log was designed and tested with the input of muskie anglers to ensure it would be a useful resource for muskie anglers. In turn, The Muskie Angler Log also provides valuable muskie catch data used by Ohio Division Wildlife fisheries biologists use to manage Ohio’s muskie fishery. The Muskie Angler Log also makes it easier for muskie club officers to view and download important catch data entered by their members.

Yes. The Muskie Angler Log is sponsored and maintained by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife.

On the Welcome page, click on “Not a member? Join for free” button in the log in area and you will be taken to the Angler Profile page where you will be asked to answer several basic questions. You can also sign-up to become a member of the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club or Muskie Inc. at this time. After you have provided your information, click on “Submit Registration” to finish signing-up. Be sure to enter in your email address…you will receive an email confirming your registration. You must click on the activation link provided within the email to activate your account. If you do receive this email, check your spam or junk mail folders.

Thousands of scale samples provided by anglers since 1960 helped the Division establish today’s great muskie fishing. Due to years of angler cooperation in collecting scales, biologists can now rely solely on catch records to monitor the success of our stocking program. As long as today’s anglers provide accurate information on the lengths of their muskie, indicate where and when they were caught, and note if the fish were kept or released, our program can be expected to stay on track without the need to collect scales.

Yes. Muskie anglers helped design The Muskie Angler Log, so all those important details that muskie anglers keep track of can be conveniently entered. The Muskie Angler Log also allows anglers to add their own notes about their fishing trips.

No. The Division of Wildlife has an extensive historical muskie catch database generated from the scale program. Entering in old catch data to the Muskie Log could cause conflicts. Members of the Division of Wildlife will be entering all the historical muskie catch data to the Muskie Log. If you caught a Muskie and reported it to the Division of Wildlife as part of the scale program, this data will be entered for you.

No. The Muskie Angler Log can be used by anyone.

Yes. There is on option within the Catch Details section of the log that allows you to designate a fish as a "Guest Fish". This option allows you to keep a running total of the number of fish caught in your boat (see "Boat Catch" counter in the upper righthand corner of the MAL), while keeping your catch summaries personalized.

Absolutely, you do not have to be an avid fisherman to use the Muskie Angler Log.

Yes, please do. Not only is this information potentially useful to you as the angler, but it is of great value to the Ohio Division of Wildlife, as well. Information on trips where no fish were caught is just as important as information on trips when fish were caught. Fisheries biologists use both types of information to evaluate the status of the fishery.

Yes. The Muskie Angler Log was designed to be a tool for all types of muskie fishing. You can record all your muskie fishing experiences.

Yes. Other members of the Muskie Angler Log are not allowed to access your information. We do not offer or sell information to third parties. The only people who will see your information are the members of Ohio Division of Wildlife who manage the database and download catch data for analysis. If you are a member of the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club or Muskies Inc., officers from these clubs will also be granted access to view and download information from the database, but only for their own members.

Members of the Ohio Division of Wildlife who manage the database and collect catch data for analysis can see your entries. Officers from the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club or Muskies Inc. can also view your entries, but only if you are a club member. Ohio Huskie Muskie Club officers can only view the information of Ohio Huskie Muskie Club members, and Muskies Inc. officers can only view information of Muskies Inc. members.

The Muskie Angler Log provides muskie angler clubs a convenient way for storing and viewing catch records of their members. Catch records are used to qualify members for awards.

Accurately recording muskie catches in our Muskie Log will help the Division keep track of the success of stocking from one year to the next to help ensure that stocking practices are effective.

Yes. Click on the “The Muskie Angler Log Photo Gallery” link on the Welcome page. The link will to take you to the muskie gallery on the Ohio DNR website. Click on the “Submit a Photo” icon in the upper right hand corner and follow the directions.

Anglers and club officers can check catch entries to ensure that information is accurate and correct them if data entry errors are identified. Catch records that are intentionally entered incorrectly will compromise the quality of the information in our database and the Division’s ability to maintain good muskie fishing, just as misinformation from scale samples may have done in the past.

Yes. Fill out as much as you like. However, please note that there are some required fields for entering trip and catch data, indicated by red text. The Ohio Division of Wildlife uses this information in the management of the muskie fishery.

Yes. You can edit your personal, trip, and catch information. Just click “Edit” beside the field you wish to change, edit the information, and then click “Update” to completed the edit.

Sorry - at this time, the database is designed specifically for muskie fishing. You can note these catches in the Optional Catch Details section of the log.

Yes. Postcards very similar to scale envelopes used in the past are available to allow anglers to record information and mail it to the Division of Wildlife. We strongly encourage ALL muskie anglers to send catch records to the Division, either by using the online log or by sending information on our standard postcards. We ask, however, that anglers choose one method or the other, and do not send information on postcards if they intend to use the database.

No. You can only view personal catches reported in 2008 and later. You can view a summary of all catches reported by anglers prior to 2008, by year and location, within the Statewide Catch Summary page. Anglers can view their personal catch records, for 2008 and later, within the My Catch Report page of the Muskie Angler Log.