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We are currently announcing the following ODNR projects in the "Ohio Register for Architectural, Engineering and Construction Related Services", as published by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). Selection of firms for these projects will be performed by ODNR in accordance with Administrative Rules 1501-3-01 through 1501-3-06.

Firms desiring consideration for these projects are invited to submit a Statement of Interest (OFCC Form#F110-330 - Part I and Part II) to the Division of Engineering, ODNR by the response deadline indicated. Information on the announcements can be obtained by contacting Samantha Cothern at 614-265-6954.

To view the current edition of the Ohio Register or to obtain electronic copies of the OFCC Form #F110-330 Part I and II, refer to OFCC website at

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Project Name: Owner Agent Services FY 19-20
Project Location: Various
Project Number: DNR-190009
Scope of Project: A. Project Description The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) intends to select a firm to provide Owner Agent services as it continues a multi-year Capital Improvement Program. Owner Agent Services, in relation to ODNR’s needs, are intended to provide support and assistance to the Division of Engineering (DOE) as it conducts assessments, master planning, strategic planning, design, bidding/procurement, construction administration, and close-out on construction projects undertaken by the various ODNR Divisions, i.e. Parks & Watercraft, Wildlife, Forestry. ODNR’s Capital Improvement Program covers the spectrum from engineering-based projects such as utility infrastructure upgrades, water and wastewater treatment plant rehabilitations, parking/roadway upgrades and replacements, dam and canal rehabilitations, and shoreline protection embankments to architectural-based projects such as administrative office, lodge, cabin, campground, restroom, and storage structure construction and renovations. Projects are located at various sites around the state including state parks, state nature preserves, state forests, state wildlife areas, and associated support/operating facilities for ODNR programs and regulatory agencies. Projects use a variety of construction delivery methods, including General Contracting (GC), Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMR), and/or Design-Build (DB). Program level services provided by the Owner Agent include compiling, tracking, and reporting information regarding individual projects and then assimilating that information into a program-wide tracking and reporting system, preferably utilizing a web-based platform compatible with State of Ohio IT requirements and security protocols. DOE utilizes readilyavailable basic software programs such as Microsoft Excel and Access to gather and track information and any systemwide platform the Owner Agent proposes to use must interface with those programs. All data compiled and tracked shall remain the property of the state during and at the conclusion of the Owner Agent contract period and shall be downloaded and easily convertible for use with similar database systems. Planning and Design level services include conducting/reviewing facility condition assessments, providing/reviewing estimates of construction costs, constructability reviews of design documents, project schedule reviews, assisting DOE project managers with design-related paperwork and project monitoring through meeting attendance and site visits. Bidding/Procurement and Construction level services include assisting in bid packaging, bidder reviews, contract compliance (preferably via a web-based software platform that captures certified payroll), attendance at progress meetings, field reports, contractor pay app review, coordinating materials between the owner, the contractor, and the design team, assisting with final paperwork to close out projects, and any additional administrative support as needed. All firms submitting a statement of qualifications will be eligible for award of contract for the period beginning on or around September 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2020 with possible two-year renewal eligibility. The Owner Agent consultant cannot be an affiliate or sub-consultant of any GC, CMR or DB for the ODNR projects during the term of the owner agent agreement. Request for Qualifications (Owner Agent) continued F120-07-2015-OCT Publish Date: 08/10/2018; Ohio Register # 300 Page 2 of 4 While, ODNR anticipates centralized services from the selected Owner Agent at the ODNR Fountain Square complex at 2045 Morse Rd. Columbus, OH 43229, travel within the state will likely be necessary to complete the services. For the purposes of scoring proximity to project site, the ODNR Fountain Square complex will be considered the project site. B. Scope of Services Primary assignment will be to provide overall Capital Improvements Program management including involvement in strategic planning and in identifying construction best practices and processes. Additional work assignments may include: program budget management/cost accounting for approximately $150 million in capital funding per biennium across multiple account lines for major projects and multiple small projects; financial, contract compliance, and other data collection and reporting; review criteria and/or design documents for compliance and constructability; review AE, CMR or DB pre-construction cost estimates for accuracy; prepare independent cost estimates of discrete portions of work to validate the AE, CMR or DB estimates; assist in reconciling cost estimates with the project budget and negotiation of a guaranteed maximum price; attend progress meetings for project as needed; review contractor's monthly pay applications during construction phase for owner's approval; assist in reviewing and resolving construction claims involving the owner or modifications to the negotiated guaranteed maximum price; supplement AE and commissioning agent's construction observation activities for QA/QC; assist in punch-list review for owner occupancy; any other related assigned duties. The selected Owner Agent (“OA”), as a portion of its required Scope of Services and prior to submitting its implementation plan and proposal, will discuss and clarify with the Owner and the Contracting Authority the breakdown of the Owner Agent Agreement detailed cost components to address the Owner’s project requirements and refine the project schedule. Participate in the Encouraging Growth, Diversity & Equity (“EDGE”) Program as required by statute and the Agreement. As required by the Agreement, and as properly authorized, provide the following categories of services: provide constructability review comments on documents produced by the Architect/Engineer during the Pre-design, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document stages; develop and maintain estimates of probably construction cost, value engineering, project schedules, and construction schedules; provide support during the Bid and Award Stage, Construction Stage and Post-Construction Stage. Refer to the Ohio Facilities Construction Manual for additional information about the type and extent of services required for each. A copy of the standard Agreement can be obtained at the OFCC website at During the construction period, provide on-site construction management services each week as designated in the Owner Agent implementation plan, including (1) attendance at progress meetings, (2) written daily reports, (3) on-site representation comprised of the CM and its consultant staff involved in the project, all having relevant and appropriate types of construction management experience. For purposes of completing the Relevant Project Experience Matrix in Section F of the Statement of Qualifications (Form F110-330), below is a list of relevant scope of work requirements for this RFQ: 1. Capital Improvements Program management 2. Owner Agent Services 3. Construction Management 4. Public Sector 5. Project Cost Accounting and Financial Reporting 6. Data Collection/Management/Analysis and Reporting 7. Project Cost Estimating 8. CPM Scheduling 9. Construction Claims Risk Assessment and Support 10. Knowledge of State of Ohio Construction delivery methods and associated contracts C. Funding / Estimated Budget Total Project Cost Varies with each project State Funding $148,667,686 Construction Cost Varies with each project Other Funding $0 Estimated CM Fee 1.0% to 2.0% NOTE: The CM fee percentage for this project includes all professional CM services, and consultant services necessary for proper completion of the Basic Services for the successful completion of the project, including but not limited to: review and verification of the Program of Requirements provided by the Owner or A/E, validation of existing site conditions (but not subsurface or hidden conditions), preparation of cost estimates and schedules for the project. Fees may be negotiated and allocated for Additional Services (e.g., extensive evaluation or validation of site conditions, extensive pre-design investigations, etc.) Request for Qualifications (Owner Agent) continued F120-07-2015-OCT Publish Date: 08/10/2018; Ohio Register # 300 Page 3 of 4 D. Anticipated Schedule E. EDGE Participation Goal Services Start 11 / 18 Percent of initial TOTAL Fee 5.0% Construction Notice to Proceed 11 / 18 Substantial Completion of all Work 06 / 21 Services Completed 09 / 21.

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Estimated Project Budget: $148,667,686.
Statement of Qualifications Deadline: 8/31/18