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Projects Correlated to Ohio Content Standards

…to the correlations website for Project Learning Tree, Project WET, Project WILD, and Healthy Water Healthy People. This correlations page was created in 2005 and will only align to the indicators of the previous Ohio Science and Social Studies Standards. You can find Crosswalks from the old Academic Content Standards to the New Learning Standards online here.

We have completed a limited amount of correlations to Ohio's New Learning Standards in Science only, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Education. You can access the Model Curriculum for Science online here. Here you will find references to Project WILD activities and other ODNR resources and websites to help you meet the content statements. The remaining ODNR Projects will be added at a later date.

If you have any questions about this website or correlations of ODNR Education materials in general, please email Jen Dennison, Wildlife Education Coordinator or call (614) 265-6316.

Other Education Guides Correlated to Ohio's Standards

Windows on the Wild (WOW) is a World Wildlife Fund education program whose goal is to teach people of all ages about biodiversity issues. WOW uses biodiversity as a "window" to explore the incredible web of life and how all-living things are interconnected.

Biodiversity Basics: An Educator's Guide to Exploring the Web of Life is the core module of the WOW curriculum.

Check out the Workshops section to find out how to obtain WET, WILD, PLT, HWHP and WOW Activity Guides.