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We are currently announcing the following ODNR projects in the "Ohio Register for Architectural, Engineering and Construction Related Services", as published by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). Selection of firms for these projects will be performed by ODNR in accordance with Administrative Rules 1501-3-01 through 1501-3-06.

Firms desiring consideration for these projects are invited to submit a Statement of Interest (OFCC Form#F110-330 - Part I and Part II) to the Division of Engineering, ODNR by the response deadline indicated. Information on the announcements can be obtained by contacting Samantha Cothern at 614-265-6954.

To view the current edition of the Ohio Register or to obtain electronic copies of the OFCC Form #F110-330 Part I and II, refer to OFCC website at

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Project Name: Buckeye Lake Dam Improvements
Project Location: Buckeye Lake State Park
Project Number: DNR-150080
Scope of Project: Project Overview A. Project Description Professional engineering services are being requested to provide final design services, construction bidding documents, soil borings, surveying and construction administration for the rehabilitation of Buckeye Lake Dam. Buckeye Lake Dam is a Class I high-hazard potential structure. This will be a phased project with an expedited design and construction schedule. Buckeye Lake Dam is a 4.1 mile long earthen embankment which impounds 2800 acres of water at normal pool and is located near Buckeye Lake Village, Ohio. Buckeye Lake Dam was originally part of the Ohio-Erie Canal system. Construction of the dam began in 1825 and finished in 1832. Over time, various problematic conditions and extensive embankment defects have been identified including structures built into and on the earthen embankment, uncontrolled seepage conditions, sheet pile and masonry wall deterioration, trees rooted in embankment, persistent wet areas and subsidence features. Currently, the structure does not meet established dam safety standards. The intent of this project is to develop a Facility Master Plan for the entire structure in conjunction with ODNR’s strategic facility plans. The planning process would include assisting ODNR in implementing Interim Risk Reduction Measures (IRRMs), Operation and Maintenance (O&M) measures and an evaluation and selection of a comprehensive risk reduction alternative as recommended by the 2015 USACE Report (available at Other items identified as necessary for the function of the dam may also be included. The project would include associated cost projections and a coordinated sequence and phasing of needed and desired changes. They then would be used to develop construction documents for the construction needs of the dam, contemplating phased construction as capital funding allows. The selected firm shall evaluate the most cost effective option for design of improvements to the dam. Construction would be undertaken to ensure public safety and long-term performance as well as functional and aesthetic improvements as identified in the strategic facility plan. Construction would be phased to ensure the best use of public funds and the least disruption taking into consideration the operation of the overall facility. Familiarity with the latest innovative dam safety design alternatives and construction technologies will be necessary in order to expedite construction and minimize adverse recreational and economic impacts during rehabilitation of the dam. Through this selection process, ODNR contemplates engaging an Architect/Engineer (A/E) to provide master planning and construction documents for all improvements at the facility. The initial Phase I would include approximately $35-40 million in improvements including implementing IRRMs, revisions to O&M procedures, and the first phase of the selected comprehensive risk reduction measure. Phase II would include additional site investigation and completion of the selected comprehensive risk reduction measure. All firms submitting a statement of qualifications will be eligible for award of contract for the master planning and Phase I and Phase II work. However, the selected A/E’s agreement may be extended and amended to add scope of work as capital appropriations are available in future Capital Bill legislation. B. Scope of Services Preliminary investigation of Buckeye Lake Dam has been completed. The selected firm or firms (due to the complexity and accelerated design schedule, collaboration between design firms is encouraged) shall complete final design for all phases of improvements, conduct additional soil borings and piezometer installations, survey to delineate property boundaries and develop construction bidding documents to bring Buckeye Lake Dam and appurtenances into compliance with current dam safety regulatory requirements. The selected firm shall apply for and obtain all necessary regulatory permits, assist with addressing downstream/ upstream impacts and environmental issues, maintain current estimates of probable construction costs through the design phase, and assist with bidding and construction administration services on an expedited schedule to minimize adverse recreational and economic impacts. On-demand services including on-site investigation and inclement weather emergency response may be necessary to address ongoing Interim Risk Reduction Measures. All work shall be performed in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements, including Ohio Dam Safety Rules and Regulations. The selected A/E, as a portion of its required Scope of Services and prior to submitting its proposals, will discuss and clarify with the Owner and/or the Contracting Authority the cost breakdown of the Architect/Engineer Agreement detailed cost components to address the Owner’s project requirements. The selected A/E will participate in the Encouraging Growth, Diversity & Equity (EDGE) Program as required by statute and the Agreement. During the construction period, provide not less than 40 hours (excluding travel time) on-site construction administration services each week, including (1) attendance at progress meetings, (2) a written field report of each site visit, and (3) on-site representation comprised of the A/E and its consultant staff involved in the primary design of the project, all having relevant and appropriate types of construction administration experience. For purposes of completing the Relevant Project Experience Matrix in Section F of the Statement of Qualifications (Form F110-330), below is a list of relevant scope of work requirements for this RFQ: 1. Performance of hydrologic, hydraulic and flood routing analyses including 2-D modeling for dam break inundation analysis. 2. Performance of geotechnical, seepage and stability analyses for earthen embankments and abutments. 3. Performance of structural analyses involving the integrity of concrete structures and sheet piling. 4. Knowledge of Ohio Dam Safety Laws and Rules and familiarity with regulatory and permitting agencies having authority over dam and water resources related projects, and experience with environmental assessment, including water quality and recreational impacts. 5. Experience with master planning, design and construction administration for large-scale dam rehabilitation projects and familiarity with the latest innovative dam safety design alternatives and construction technologies. 6. Experience with marina and dock planning, design and construction. 7. Development of updated Emergency Action Plans and Operation, Maintenance & Inspection manuals in accordance with OAC 1501:21-21-04. 8. Experience with addressing and mitigating private property impacts related to construction activities, such as rights of entry and potential property acquisition. 9. Experience working for state and/or other governmental agencies under professional services contracts. 10. Experience in outreach, communications and public relations associated with large-scale dam safety projects. C. Funding / Estimated Budget Total Project Cost $35-40 million (Phase I) TBD (Phase II) State Funding 100% of project cost Construction Cost $30-35 million (Phase I) TBD (Phase II) Other Funding 0.00 Estimated A/E Fee 7-9% Note: the A/E fee percentage for this project includes all professional design services, and consultant services necessary for proper completion of the Basic Services for the successful completion of the project, including but not limit to: review and verification of the Program Requirements provided by the owner, validation of existing site conditions (but not subsurface or hidden conditions), preparation of cost estimates and design schedules for the project. Fees may be negotiated and allocated for Additional Services (e.g., creation of a Program of Requirements, extensive evaluation or validation of site conditions, extensive pre-design investigations, code-required special inspection and testing, Quality Assurance testing during the construction period, and testing due to unforeseen conditions).

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Estimated Project Budget: $35-40 Million (Phase I) TBD (Phase II)
Statement of Qualifications Deadline: 3/27/2015