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We are currently announcing the following ODNR projects in the "Ohio Register for Architectural, Engineering and Construction Related Services", as published by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). Selection of firms for these projects will be performed by ODNR in accordance with Administrative Rules 1501-3-01 through 1501-3-06.

Firms desiring consideration for these projects are invited to submit a Statement of Interest (OFCC Form#F110-330 - Part I and Part II) to the Division of Engineering, ODNR by the response deadline indicated. Information on the announcements can be obtained by contacting Samantha Cothern at 614-265-6954.

To view the current edition of the Ohio Register or to obtain electronic copies of the OFCC Form #F110-330 Part I and II, refer to OFCC website at

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Project Name: Foresty Maintenance & Storage Building
Project Location: Chillicothe/Ross
Project Number: DNR-150069
Scope of Project: Project Overview A. Project Description The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) through the Division of Forestry is responsible for the Forestry Maintenance Center at Scioto Trail State Park. The maintenance center provides equipment and material storage and maintenance garage for the Division of Forestry. An existing 190’x24’ building has served in this manner for several decades and is now in need or replacement. The new, one-story structure is planned as 209’x70’ building that that includes: 14 pull through bays with garage doors on each side with electric supplied in each bay at centralized locations and concrete floors; 4 heated bays to be constructed 16' wide with a 14' wide/high garage doors; 10 unheated bays to be constructed 14' wide with 12' wide/high garage doors. An adjacent (approximately 100’) wood fired boiler (to be provided by ODNR) will provide the heating source for the new building. A pre-engineered building is the design intent, and the Criteria Documents will be developed as a part of this project by the Criteria Architect/Engineer lead by Garmann Miller & Associates, Inc. All aspects of the project and related issues will be implemented and operated consistent with the Contracting Authority and/or Owner’s policies and procedures. B. Scope of Services The selected Design-Builder (“DB”), as a portion of its required Scope of Services and prior to submitting its proposal, will discuss and clarify with the Owner and the Contracting Authority, the breakdown of the Agreement detailed cost components, to address the Owner’s project requirements and refine the project schedule. As required by the Agreement, and as properly authorized, provide the following categories of services: develop and maintain estimates of probable construction cost, value engineering, project schedules, and construction schedules; lead and manage the Schematic Design, Design Development, Subcontractor Prequalification and Bidding process, Construction Documents, Construction and Closeout stages. Refer to the OFC Manual for additional information about the type and extent of services required for each. A copy of the standard Agreement can be obtained at the OFCC website at The preconstruction and construction services are generally described below. Subcontracts including but not limited to Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical trades will be awarded by the DB to prequalified vendors using a competitive process. The parties will engage in an "open book" pricing method in which all subcontracted work shall be based upon competitive pricing that will be reviewed by the Contracting Authority and the Owner, the Criteria A/E and the DB. The Contracting Authority and/or Owner shall have access to all books, records, documents and other data in the DB's possession related to itself, its subcontractors and material suppliers pertaining to bidding, pricing or performance of the Agreement. Request for Qualifications (Design-Build Contract) continued F180-01v1213 Publish Date: April 22, 2015; Ohio Register #260 Page 2 of 5 Preconstruction Services: The DB will work cooperatively with the Contracting Authority and/or Owner, Criteria A/E and Project Team, and will provide, among other services, schedule development, estimate development, program verification, schematic design, design development, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) proposal, subcontractor prequalification and bidding, construction documents preparation, constructability review, permits, budgeting, value engineering, and preconstruction planning throughout the preconstruction stages. Construction Services: The DB shall construct the Project pursuant to the construction documents and in accordance with the schedule requirements. The DB shall hold all subcontracts and shall be fully responsible for the means and methods of construction, construction execution, progress schedule, weekly progress meetings, testing and inspection, project safety, project completion within the schedule agreed upon in the preconstruction phase, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including monitoring compliance with all EDGE, equal employment, and prevailing wage requirements, and submitting monthly reports of these activities to the Contracting Authority. All subcontracts shall be on the subcontract form prescribed by OAC Section 153:1-03-02. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to approve the DB’s selection of subcontractors and any supplemental terms to the subcontract form. For purposes of completing the Relevant Project Experience Matrix in Section F of the Statement of Qualifications (Form F110-330), below is a list of relevant scope of work requirements for this RFQ:1. Pre-engineered building design and construction. 2. Construction on an occupied site. 3. Design-build project experience. 4. Experience with public construction. C. Funding / Estimated Budget Total Project Cost $825,000.00 State Funding $825,000.00 Construction Cost $775,500.00 Other Funding $0 D. Anticipated Schedule E. EDGE Participation Goal DB Services Start (mm/yy) 08 / 2015 Percent of Preconstruction Compensation 5% Construction Stage Start (mm/yy) 09 / 2015 Percent of Initial Design Services Fee 5% Construction Stage Completed (mm/yy) 03 / 2016 Percent of Contract Sum 5% DB Services Completed (mm/yy) 05 / 201

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Estimated Project Budget: $825,000.00
Statement of Qualifications Deadline: 5/7/2015