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We are currently advertising the following ODNR construction projects for competitive bidding.  The following information is provided for the purpose of acquainting prospective bidders with the amount of work involved in the project.

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Project Name: Hocking Hills State Park
Project Location: Old Man's Cave Parking Lot Expansion Improvements
Project Number: DNR-170007
Project Description: The Project is located in the Hocking Hills State Park, located in Hocking County, Ohio. The Project includes work on the existing Third Tier Parking Lot, which is located near 19852 State Route 664 near Logan, Ohio. The Third Tier Parking Lot is located less than 1,000 feet west of the Park Office. Coordinates for the sites are as follows: 1. Third Tier Parking Lot: N39 26 15.30, W82 32 17.12 The Project consists of expanding the existing Third Tier Parking Lot. The general scope of work includes: 1. Widening the Third Tier Parking Lot to replace parallel parking with head-in parking, including subgrade preparation and asphalt pavement; 2. Earth and slope modification; 3. Concrete stairs; 4. Re-striping the south half of the Third Tier Parking Lot for 9-foot wide parking stalls; 5. Miscellaneous spot improvements throughout the parking area; and 6. Final stabilization of disturbed areas with seed and mulch and erosion control blanket in certain areas.All work is to be completed under one Lump Sum General Contract. Porous Flexible Pavement improvements are to be completed as an Alternate, as authorized by ODNR, under the same contract. The Contract Duration for all work under this Project is 28 days from Notice to Proceed.

Total Estimated Construction Cost: $361,900.00
Bid Opening Date: 3/13/2017
Cost of Bid Package: