Contractor Bids Requested

We are currently advertising the following ODNR construction projects for competitive bidding.  The following information is provided for the purpose of acquainting prospective bidders with the amount of work involved in the project, and is to be used as a guide in requesting bidding documents for the project.

To order copies of the plans, specifications, and bid forms from the Division of Engineering, please send a check or money order in the amount indicated and made payable to the Department of Natural Resources to the following address.

ODNR Division of Engineering
2045 Morse Road
Building E-3
Columbus, Ohio 43229-6693

Documents are mailed upon receipt of payment and become the property of the prospective bidders; no refunds will be made.  Additional information on a specific project or copies of the current plan holder's list for that project may be obtained by calling (614) 265-6948.

The public notices for construction projects can be found at Public Notices Ohio. To facilitate your search from this website select:
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Entity Type: State Agency
County: Franklin

1 Project Found
Project Name: Ohio State Fairgrounds Improvements
Project Location: Franklin County
Project Number: DNR-150049
Project Description: The project is located at The Ohio Expo Center & State Fairgrounds, ODNR Park Area, 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, Ohio, 43211, at the ODNR Park Area on the southeast corner of the site. The project consists of several maintenance and improvement projects within the ODNR park footprint at the Ohio State Fairgrounds Site. Scope consists of (but is not limited to) the following improvements: • New asphalt walking paths in location of existing asphalt walking paths as indicated on the drawings. • New porous paver plaza to replace asphalt paved plaza as indicated on the drawings. • Extension of existing water line to provide an adjacent hydrant next to the existing lined kayak pond. • A new concrete pad on the east side of the kayak pond. • Reinforced turf paver drive on both sides of new concrete pad. • Modification to existing wood rail fence at new paver drive described above. • Residing of the existing Mill Building and associated work. • Replacing existing mesh fish pens at the fishing pond with polyvinyl coated chain link fencing. • Replacing horizontal bench seating planks at the existing amphitheater. • Rebuilding the upper bowl of the amphitheater to include more seating • Enclosing existing storage room at the main pavilion building • Providing and installing a new sail shade structure for the existing observation deck at the kayak pond. • Providing and installing a new fence for a children’s play area. • Providing 75 portable tree identification sign posts. • Providing of power service outlet to the new concrete pad on the east side of the existing kayak pond. All work is to be completed under one Lump Sum General Contract. Substantial completion date for all work is October 5, 2015.


Total Estimated Construction Cost: $330,000.00
Bid Opening Date: 5/5/2015
Cost of Bid Package: