Contractor Bids Requested

We are currently advertising the following ODNR construction projects for competitive bidding.  The following information is provided for the purpose of acquainting prospective bidders with the amount of work involved in the project, and is to be used as a guide in requesting bidding documents for the project.

To order copies of the plans, specifications, and bid forms from the Division of Engineering, please send a check or money order in the amount indicated and made payable to the Department of Natural Resources to the following address.

ODNR Division of Engineering
2045 Morse Road
Building E-3
Columbus, Ohio 43229-6693

Documents are mailed upon receipt of payment and become the property of the prospective bidders; no refunds will be made.  Additional information on a specific project or copies of the current plan holder's list for that project may be obtained by calling (614) 265-6948.

The public notices for construction projects can be found at To facilitate your search from this website select:
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Entity Type: State Agency
County: Franklin

1 Project Found
Project Name: The Marina at Caesar Creek
Project Location: Caesar Creek State Park
Project Number: DNR-130053
Project Description: The project is located in Caesar Creek State Park, on the west side of Caesar Creek Reservoir, off State Route 73, approximately 3.6 miles east of Waynesville, Ohio. The project involves installation of sanitary, water, and electrical services to serve a 2,000 SF floating marina building and the floating docks; a marina fueling system with a floating storage tank; asphalt parking lots and access road with a culvert crossing; a flexible mooring system for the floating docks and attenuators; floating wave attenuators; 24,000 SF of floating docks with utilities and gangways; excavation of the marina basin; and approximately two acres of wetland mitigation. All work is to be completed under one Lump Sum and Unit Price General Contract. Completion date for all work under this project is October 1, 2015.
Total Estimated Construction Cost: $7,272,729.00
Bid Opening Date: 10/24/2014
Cost of Bid Package: $163.00