Contractor Bids Requested

We are currently advertising the following ODNR construction projects for competitive bidding.  The following information is provided for the purpose of acquainting prospective bidders with the amount of work involved in the project.

For further information including specifications please visit BidExpress where interested parties may secure additional information and submit bids if interested in the project listed below.

2 Projects Found
Project Name: Lake Loramie Spillway Improvements
Project Location: Lake Loramie
Project Number: DNR-140065
Project Description: The project involves construction of a new principal spillway and outlet works, construction of an earthen embankment paired with a concrete floodwall, select demolition to the existing spillway and abutment wall, demolition of a State owned structure, and improvements to the immediate spillway surroundings. The project will be constructed while maintaining normal pool within the reservoir.


Total Estimated Construction Cost: $4,335,000.00
Bid Opening Date: 9/8/2016
Cost of Bid Package:
Project Name: Wingfoot Lake Wildlife Area Farr Lane Boat Rmap
Project Location: Wingfoot Lake
Project Number: DNR-140063
Project Description: The project is located in Wingfoot Lake Wildlife Area, on the north shore of Wingfoot Lake, on Waterloo Road, approximately one mile west of SR 43. The project involves demolition of an existing boat launch ramp, bulkhead, floating dock and slab, and the installation of a temporary coffer dam, installation of permanent facilities, including, but not limited to, a new bulkhead, new concrete finger pier, new pre-cast plank boat launch ramp, new approach slab, rip rap, signage, storm water and sedimentation control, and new asphalt surfaces for rigging and readying boats for launch or over-the-road travel. All work is to be completed under Lump Sum and Unit Price General Contract. Completion date for all work at the boat launch ramp and finger pier under this project is in number of consecutive calendar days from Notice to Proceed Date: 75. Completion of the asphalt pavement for the rigging and readying of boats for launch or over-the-road travel is Friday, May 19, 2017.


Total Estimated Construction Cost: $241,225.00
Bid Opening Date: 9/13/2016
Cost of Bid Package: